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Custom Wood Lockers - Become An Innovation

Raising the industry standard for designing custom locker room spaces

We are American craftsmen, proud to design, manufacture and install quality custom wood lockers for the finest colleges, universities, country clubs, professional teams and schools. Wood Lockers crafted to perfection. Custom locker room manufacturing to the highest professional standards. Architect and Designer's choice for quality, design and durability.


Our 30 years of woodworking and industry experience, combined with an intensive design process involving feedback from college and team coaches and players have enabled ProZone to develop superior custom wood lockers, worthy of the finest Ivy League colleges, universities and teams across the United States. View the Custom Wood Football Lockers for Harvard University.

Custom Wood Locker Air Flow Design

As woodworking craftsmen, we wanted to create a superior locker design that would stand the test of time and provide many years of pride and enjoyment for the school, coaches, players and guests. Our custom wood lockers feature a patent pending Air Flow design to promote quick drying of apparel and equipment. Our unique, classic and modern locker designs, provide lockers that look, and last, like quality wood furniture.

Wide Variety of Locker Designs

While we have standard locker designs and configurations for every sport, we take pride in delivering custom wood lockers that are custom to your very specific specifications and needs. Although we have a gallery of standard designs, we welcome the opportunity to design, draw and build the most intricate, complex or custom locker design you can imagine. For 5 lockers or 100 lockers.

Collaborative Locker Room Design

We enjoy collaborating with our clients to create stunning, unique custom wood lockers so we team with our clients, their architects and interior designers to build a truly custom solution that will serve them well for many years to come. From the locker design to installation Prozone uses the most up to date CAD software combined with the most modern CNC and finishing equipment to present you with a state of the art custom wood locker that is functional for a wide variety of Markets.

USA Wood Craftsmen and Locker Manufacturing

ProZone grew organically from a shop of wood craftsmen with over 30 years experience. It is our innovative spirit and willingness to go the extra mile for our clients that separates ProZone from the competition. Our goal is deliver the highest quality custom wood lockers to our client's exact specifications. We are proud to serve the nation's most prestigious establishments. ProZone Lockers are designed and manufactured all in our upstate New York facility. We do not use outside vendors, sub-contract your project or ship our lockers in from overseas. We are proud to offer high quality, custom wood lockers and storage solutions and will continue to drive innovation to deliver state-of-the-art locker room designs. Learn more about how ProZone Custom wood Lockers are Manufactured

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